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About Us

Founded by Hansong Kim, a talented and experienced Korean chef, Handsome Rice serve tasty Korean food with modern touches. It serves freshly cut salad with house-made small batch sauces, marinated meat and proteins food, and side dishes made with fresh ingredients, all at reasonable prices in a beautiful space nestled in Murray hill.


Dosirak (also spelled "doshirak") refers to the Korean-style lunchbox, usually made at home. Similar to Japanese bento or Indian tiffin, it is usually made with a variety of vegetables and meats paired with kimchi and rice.


The chef has many years other experience in menu and now opened his own brand focusing on creating healthy and tasty Korean dishes for the neighborhood.


He holds a Master degree at Johnson & Wales University Providence, RI and received CEC (Certified Executive Chef)and ACE(Approved Certified Evaluator) from American Culinary Federation, and also has extensive experience working at major hotels as well as private dining. Before he came to the United States, he had won a number of culinary competitions in Korea and appeared on many of TV programs as a chef.

He also has written several cookbooks, and one of his books received 'Best Celebrity Chef Book from Korea in 2012' from Paris Cook Book Competition. 


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